Prosthetic Dentistry

What is Prosthetic Dentistry?

Prosthetic Dentistry encompasses dental treatments aimed at correcting deficiencies related to oral and dental health, restoring an ideal smile aesthetically and functionally. These treatments involve the design, production, and application of prostheses to replace missing teeth.

What Does Prosthetic Dentistry Include?

Prosthetic Dentistry encompasses a wide range of treatments, including:

Bridges: These are prosthetics fixed onto adjacent teeth when one or more teeth are missing.

Crowns: They cover teeth to enhance their aesthetic appearance.

Implant-Supported Prosthetics: These are prosthetics attached to implants placed in the jawbone, replacing missing teeth and providing the closest solution to natural teeth.

Full Dentures: Removable prosthetics used when all teeth are missing, replacing the teeth within the oral cavity.

Porcelain and Ceramic Restorations: Aesthetic coverings and fillings used to achieve a natural tooth appearance.

With our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment, we are here to create and implement the most suitable prosthetic dental treatment plan for you. You can trust us for a healthy and beautiful smile.

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