Trust and Expertise in Healthcare

At Country Holiday Village Health & Tourism, we provide our guests with the highest quality and professional experience in healthcare services. With our expert staff in the field of health and our modern facilities, the health and well-being of our guests are always our top priority.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant


Patient Coordinator
Patient Coordinator
Patient Coordinator
Financial Affairs Specialist

About Us

Country Holiday Village Health & Tourism is a unique complex that combines modern healthcare and tourism services amidst the stunning nature of Kuşadası. To offer our guests an unforgettable living experience, we merge health and tourism, providing a wide range of healthcare services and comfortable accommodation options.

In our modern facilities, we are at your service with professional teams specializing in dental health and dermatology. Additionally, we prioritize your skin health and assist you with your skin issues with our expert dermatologists.

As Country Holiday Village Health & Tourism, we welcome everyone who wants to discover the unique beauties of Kuşadası. If you wish to experience health and tourism together, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience.

Make a reservation now and unlock the doors to a unique holiday!

The Place Where Peace and Comfort Meet

At Country Holiday Village Health & Tourism, we offer our guests not just a stay, but a true living experience. With our modern designed rooms and location nestled in nature, we create an environment where peace and comfort are experienced at the highest level.

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Tourism Services

Our tourism services are designed to create unforgettable memories as you discover the beauties of Kusadasi.

Private Tours

Experience an unforgettable exploration with our private tours.

Transfer Services

Ease your travel with our comfortable transfer services.

Event Planning

Make your special moments unforgettable by planning your events down to the finest detail.

Group Planning

Satisfy everyone with customized plans for your group travels.

Well Being Events

Relax your mind and body with our well-being activities.


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